Saturday, July 12, 2014

Seaons and the 'Heat Wave'

The temperatures in my area can vary up to 15 degrees the 150 miles of coastline, but the islands are generally cooler.  I live a a hillside looking over a valley with a sliver of the Sound and an Island.  The high temps for this week are:  today 89, Sunday 90, Tuesday 90. These highs are predicted in the big cities that are about 30 minutes south of me.  One of the local saying here is 'Summer doesn't start until after the 4th of July".  And yes, we have had cold and downpours on the 4th in the past.

Summer has always been my least favorite time of year.  I love the the gardening and learned the early morning and dusk are the best times to be out working and taking care of animals.  I sit in the shade or stay in the house during the heat of the day to avoid getting too much sun (I don't mind being pale).  We are known for low 70's with the occasional heat waves.  My choice not to leave this area is because of the temperate climate and of course the beauty!

I absolutely LOVE spring and fall.  Spring brings lots of rain but the new greens are brilliant against the dark evergreen forests.  The first hints of spring are my favorites, the daffodils, crocuses, the unfurling of the ferns, the songbirds waking from winter.  Fall is the time of warm colors, browns, oranges of the pumpkin and leaves, yellows.  I love the warm days of 75 with breezes and cold nights down to 50 degrees.

And then comes winter, not many like winter here.  We get a LOT of rain!  Many grey days!  This has never bothered me, a good book, a cup of tea and the drum of rain has always soothed me.  We rarely get snow and it almost never sticks around, some years none.  Not many like winter around here and we do have a lot of SADD in the population.  So this is why the week is going to be unbearable for me and yes the temps around the country are going to be much hotter which is not comparable because I choose here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Went fishing!

. . . .  with my parents, Aunt and Uncle and a cousin on Spectacle Lake, WA.  Oh my, but we had a good time.  My dad had surgery on his back about a month ago and I was glad I had agreed to go (this trip wasplanned a year in advance).  I loaded and unloaded the boat each day.  I helped him in the boat and it took Mom and I both to haul him up onto the dock. We caught limits of trout on 2 of the three days.  One bucket was salted for pickling and the rest were frozen.  I think it was just the 'tonic' he needed.  When not fishing, we played games and enjoyed the view.

From Spectacle Lake Resort

Friday, June 13, 2014

Island Retreat . . . . . .

This week, while at my parents for a few days, I spent a day mowing the lawn, digging in some bags of steer manure, changing license plates, emptying the composter, storing the compost, starting a new batch, and washing a dog.  They have been slowing down which is so hard because the mind still thinks younger.  I used to think they would be around forever but knew this is not possible.  Generations of family is such a gift.  Looking back into the past with wonderful memories, then living the future and building (like blocks) memories for our children and grandchildren.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Today Viven  made 3 yo-yo's for the apron I made for her.  She also learned to load 2 stitches on the needle before pulling the thread thru and is now on her way to doing a running stitch.

Viven has learned to make yo-yo's

Modeling the finished apron I made

Monday, May 12, 2014

A trip to the dump, half the truck loaded with household garbage.  The other half with stuff set aside from my 100 things challenges.  Also a couple sacks to Goodwill.  I have been working outside a little here at my house and spent an afternoon at my daughters.  She wanted help getting beds ready after the tilling was done.  One bed was so fluffly, I went barefoot.  I felt like a rebel, the top was sun warm and then wonderfully cool underneath.  What a great day!

Friday, April 11, 2014


I was sitting at my sewing machine table when suddenly the urge to re-arrange and clean drawers came over me!  Many times they remain open so that dust and lint settles on thread or becomes dust bunnies in the corners.  The tool drawer had accumulated too much non sewing items, so out they went.  I moved my threads to a drawer where they would sit up right, it's a bit harder to sort for colors so maybe a tray will help.  The drawer the thread was in I am keeping my pins, they will still be right beside my machine.  Also,  tools were spread out in multiple locations and now for instance all the hand sewing needles are in the same place, etc.  So far I am not too lost and may like the new arrangement!  I left the bottpm drawer and small cupboard for another time.  The drawer has patterns stored in it, all sitting on edge like files (it was built for this purpose).  The cupboard was probably for current projects but has a hodge podge of stuff now.  This was not on my 'to do list' but needs to be done once in a while!

My dad built 3 of these sewing tables when I was too young to remember.  One for my mom, my grandmother, the third don't know for whom.  I have had my grandmothers table since leaving home.  Mom's was loaned out and nobody knows where it is.  They actually look like a desk with drawers on either side.  He had cut a hole in the top to have the sewing machine sit in the table, the fabric would then be level between the machine and table.  The hole now has a wood piece cover, my machine sits on top of cover.  Mom and I both own Bernina's and the knee lever is a must for hands on sewing, so the modification is OK.  The table is a prized piece to me with generations of history of sewing in my family.

A couple weeks ago I bought 25 lbs of oatmeal and dry processed 12 quarts in the oven, this used approximately half the bag.  Nine quarts sealed, 3 did not.  I am looking to keep about 2 doz quarts rotating thru my pantry to cover a year.  The 3 unsealed quarts will be used right away to test the quality of the dryer grains in breakfast cereal.  The other half of the bag will be make into granola or cooked for breakfast.  Also not on my 'to do list' but may be a good thing to practice!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Keeping busy

I have had some productive days!  Yeah!  This week I have emptied 2 more boxes in the basement and redistributed a bin in a 3rd floor so it can be put to better use made bone broth from 9 chicken carcasses )from the freezer). Today I made a list (a short one) and  crossed off every line.  Library, vacuum,  wash canning jars that have been stored too long (with dust and bugs), repack my 3 new bins down to 2 (for now) and start filling the 3rd with canning jars.  One of the 5 pieces of furniture also went to Habitat for humaity.  Happy dance!  This year is starting out much better than my efforts of last year. 

More sacks of  'stuff' to the charity AND another 100 'things' out of the house.  Must have the garage sale this year, for sure.  I need the designated sale stuff out of the house, too.